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IV Therapy

IV Therapy

The main advantage of IV Vitamin Therapy is that the nutrients completely bypass the digestive system. Typically, vitamins and minerals are given orally and must be naturally processed by the stomach, liver, and intestines. The sad fact is that about 8-10% of what you consume orally gets to the tissues that need it most. With IV Vitamin Treatment your nutritional balance and health will improve significantly. As soon as your infusion starts, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients are quickly circulated through your bloodstream and delivered to cells, where they are immediately available for use. It’s like “direct deposit”; in IV Vitamin Therapy, there is no waiting for the nutrients to clear the digestive system and the liver. The iGlow team understands how to diagnose critical deficiencies and design an individualized program to restore your nutritional balance and improve your health.

IY Therapies used at iGlow include the following:

GLOW COSMETIC is your go-to choose for luminous hair, and healthy skin and nails. Include GLOW COSMETIC in your monthly beauty maintenance as your secret weapon to achieve what many refer to as the “Glutathione Glow”.

This universal and all-important molecule is the mother of all antioxidants. Glutathione is known as the body’s “Master Antioxidant” and helps naturally purify you from the inside out.

Our number one drip for sickness and recovery.
GLOW RECOVERY is perfect for those who need a quick turnaround or boost to their immune defenses. Reduces the intensity and duration of viruses, helps the body’s natural defenses to fight inflammation and infection, and great for a depleted immune system & pre-travel.

Feel the power of natural energy with our GLOW ENERGY Super B’s mix. The family of B vitamins is used in just about every chemical reaction in the body, especially when it comes to providing energy, detoxifying the body and mental clarity. Leave feeling refreshed with natural energy burning from within.

We know everybody is different. That’s why our Wellness Drips are designed to address your personal wellness needs, so you can get ahead of your health before it catches up to you. With GLOW HYDRATE you can customize your own iv drip.